English Buddy: Chinese New Year Fun Day
日期: 2017-01-20 (星期五) 地點: Yan Oi Tong Dan Yang Wing Man Kindergarten
負責人: The Department of English Language 活動類別: 學術 社會服務
After three and a half month of training, the English buddies were ready to showcase what they had prepared to the kindergarten kids! Before the drama performance, the English buddies helped to warm up the atmosphere by playing animal sounds and asking the kids to guess which kinds of animals produced those sounds. The kids raised their hands eagerly and quickly, hoping to be the one picked to answer the questions. After that, the kids quietly watched our students acting out the story of Chinese zodiacs. They were so smart that they could get the order of Chinese zodiacs right! The English buddies were then given time to interact with the kids closely through storytelling and the decoration of masks. Our students showed their patience and care to the children. Finally, the kids were happy to get sets of gifts including a book about Chinese New Year customs, an animal mask, a D.I.Y. set and a bucket of colourful polymer clay.

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