English Week Day 3: Sunset or Rise Busking Concert & Teddy Bear Café Day 4: Song Dedication
日期: 2017-11-29 至 30 地點: BCKSS School Campus
負責人: Mr. Li (Music) x English Panel x Reading Promotion Team 活動類別: 學術 活動宣傳
English Week (Day 3)英文科x音樂科x閱讀推廣組於英語周合辦Sunset or Rise Busking 音樂會,學生也跟著唱和,場面相當熱鬧!同場還有Teddy Bear Café手造咖啡的款待,讓學生在輕鬆的氣氛下欣賞表演。Co-organized by English Panel, Music Panel & Reading Promotion Team at school, a busking concert by Sunset or Rise were held. When enjoying the performance, students could smell the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee from Teddy Bear Café, run by our S.5 students. The BCKSS students couldn’t just wait for a cup of it!English Week (Day 4)BCKSS students dedicated some favourite English songs to their teachers and friends. Great songs and messages filled with warmth and care were delivered around the campus.

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